On Target Coalition


The OnTarget Coalition is a networking project of ICHV. Launched in 1994, OnTarget was developed to organize people affected by gun violence and educate them about policy solutions addressing the root causes of firearm availability and use. In this short time, OnTarget has assembled a network of approximately 1,000 organizations and individuals involved in health care, law enforcement, religious and civic service, business, education, victim and child advocacy, and domestic violence prevention.


Members of the OnTarget Coalition commit to the following:

  • Reach out to people most affected by gun violence, especially children.
  • Teach people alternatives to gun violence.
  • Educate people about the costs of gun violence.
  • Raise awareness on the manufacture and distribution of firearms.
  • Advocate for effective gun violence prevention measures.

Please contact me about my organization becoming a member of OnTarget: [email protected]




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